Everything you need to know to start using the Slpy API

Guided Walk-through

This is a guided tour on our services and dashboards. If you are already comfortable with map and geocoding software and terms, jump straight into our Documentation.


Your first step will be to create an API Key. This can be done from your Account Home page. An API key is your unique identifier that is used to authenticate requests. It is our way of identifying the client making the request and how it can be used. Our tutorials will let you know when and where it should be included with the parameter "{your_api_key}". More Information

Create API Key


We track credit usage through our analytics system. This allows customers to monitor their API usage, stay within their allotted limits, and access their usage data through a real-time dashboard. More Information

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Help & Support

You can use our documentation page to lookup error codes and responses, or find examples and links to tutorials. If you have any trouble with errors or figuring anything out, please ask for help in our support forums.

Support Forums Error codes

Choose a project type to get started

Interactive Maps

Create dynamic and interactive maps using our Vector or Raster APIs.

Search & Autocomplete

Use our Search API for geocoding and autocomplete functionality.

Static Maps

Generate high-quality map images using our Static Map API.