Everything you need to know to start using the Slpy API

API Keys

Your Api Keys are unique IDs needed for identifying requests from you and your users, and are required for any and every type of request.


New keys can be created from your Account Home Page by click the Add Key button.

Multiple Keys

You can create multiple keys to help manage individual analytics, and use different levels of restrictions at no extra charge.

Editing, Deleting, Recreating

Click the icon next to your key to manage or change your key.


Click the icon next to your key to view individual analytics. Analytics are maintained through editing, and can be seen on the account wide Analytics page after deletion.

Securing and Privacy

You can keep your key private by making server to server requests, but this is often not possible for features like interactive maps, search forms, and autocomplete.

Setting Description
Domain Whitelist We will block a users Referrer heading that doesn't match a domain in your list.
Allow Empty Domain A user may not send a Referrer heading when visiting directly to your site or when using a firewall. Recommended to allow this.
Allowed Services Remove services you will not use with this key.
Rate Limit IPs Put a limit on how many requests a single IP can use. Keep in mind large businesses and schools with single IPs. More Information


If there is a problem with your request, check the header of the failed request for a response header called "reject-reason".