Basic Plan

per Month
  • 50,000 Credits Limit*
  • Commercial Use
  • Vector Maps
  • Search API

Pro Plan

per Month
  • 300,000 Credits Included
  • Commercial Use
  • Vector & Raster Maps
  • Static Map Images
  • Search API
  • Everything API

Get Started Free and then activate the PRO plan when you're ready.

Features Basic PRO
Credits Included / Month 50,000 300,000
Add 20,000 Credits USD $1
Vector Maps
Raster Maps (Legacy)
Static Maps
Search & Geocoding 60/min
Everything API
Commercial Use
Detailed Analytics
Custom Rate Limiting
Unlimited Users
Global CDN Support
HA Clustered Servers
Slpy Maps Software
Customizable Styles
Vector Map Tile 1
Raster Map Tile 5
Static Map Image 10
Search API 3
Everything API Varies
Map Software Free

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most commonly asked question about our subscription and credits system.

Map tiles are square images, arranged in a grid, that are used to display an interactive map. When a user interacts with the map, such as panning or zooming, the appropriate map tiles are loaded and displayed on the screen. This allows for a smooth and responsive user experience while also minimizing the amount of data that needs to be downloaded. The amount of tiles needed on loading varies depending on the size of the map (ex. windowed vs full screen) and typically ranges from 1-2 for a small map to 12-16 for a full screen view.

In the world of digital mapping, the way you pay for your service can make a significant difference to your bottom line. Traditional providers often charge per Map Load, which means every time a map is loaded on your site or app, you pay a fee.

On the other hand, our Tiles based pricing model offers a more cost-effective solution. Instead of paying every time a map is loaded, you only pay for the individual tiles that your users actually view. This means you're not locked into proprietary software required to track map loads, and we're able to offer vastly better prices in nearly every customer use case.

In our own experience, an average site with 1 million page views a month on a 400px height map sees an average of only 2.6 tiles per session!

First create a free account from our Sign Up page. Once you have logged in, you will see an Upgrade to PRO button in the top right of your Account homepage.

Yes, every month you will be charged the subscription amount on your Pro Plan start date, plus any overage in credits you have accrued for the previous calendar month. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time from your account homepage.

Credits are accumulated per Calendar month, and are reset on the first of every month. Pro Plan members have the first 300K Credits included. After that, Pro members are charged an additional $1 USD for each Credit Package, which includes 20,000 Credits.

For example, using 330K Credits requires 300K included in your Pro Plan plus two extra $1 Credit Packages (as they're sold in whole units of 20K). You total would be the $15 subscription fee + (2 x $1 credit package) = $17. Your overages charge will show on your next month's bill.

Your dashboard shows a running account total of Credits and overages, with links to see graphs and breakdowns of what services were used and with what key. Numbers are updated every 5 minutes.

Yes, if you use 50K Credits on a free plan and then switch to a Pro plan in the same month, then you will have 300K - 50K = 250K remaining credits for that calendar month. Extra credits expire and are reset at the end of each month.

Free plans are capped at 50K credits, and your service will be paused until the next calendar month, or until you upgrade to a Pro Plan subscription. We will try to contact you if we see you are getting close.

Credits are units used to measure and track your usage of our API services. Each request you make via our API, identified by the API Keys generated from your Account homepage, consumes a certain number of credits as listed in our Credit Cost table. Different services have different credit costs per request. For specific pricing details of services in the Everything API, please refer to the pricing section in the respective service's documentation.

Our payment processor ( is SOC 2 compliant and accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, and can be paid in most local currencies - Supported Currencies. You can update or change your Payment method from your Billing page.

Our payment processor ( accepts most local currencies. Supported Currencies. Prices are based on US Dollar, and foreign currencies are charged at Paddle's auto conversion rate at time of charge for all Credit Packages and most Subscription renewals. Some currencies have manually updated monthly Subscription prices, which are rounded down to the nearest friendly number, and may not be updated to reflect the most current conversion rate at time of charge. If you believe that the monthly Subscription charge is not sufficently current, please let us know in the forum and we will do our best to make it right.

Paddle is our payment processor and takes care of taxes and currency conversions globally. For more information, visit Paddle's Website.

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Account homepage by clicking on Billing, and selecting Cancel PRO Plan. From there you can settle any outstanding bills, or choose to Pause your Pro Plan until you're ready.