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Power your Apps, Store Locators, Logistics, and more with our modern interactive slippy maps and globally cached cloud data. Our exclusive style is designed to effortlessly blend into any product or platform for a seamless user experience.
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  Amazing Detail

Dynamic road widths, color-coded buildings, and handicap accessibility. Easily navigate crosswalks, sidewalks, stairs, and even find nearby restrooms. Our Design...

  Intelligent Filtering

Quickly find the most important roads, buildings, and places at higher zoom levels without being overwhelmed by unnecessary information. Our Data...

  Cross Platform

Integrate our services into your Android, iOS, or web platform using plugin code for popular programs like MapLibre GL JS, OpenLayers, and Leaflet. Our Docs...

Unmatched Pricing

Low price shouldn't mean low quality. Our top priority is to provide Premium services at an unbeatable price.

Faster Dev Time

Our feature-complete libraries make getting started easy. Tackle complex software development with ease.

Smarter Design

Vector maps offer 3D, lightweight, unlimited resolution, and dynamic content versus competitors Raster maps.

Production Ready

With Slpy JS, just one line of code enables integrated aerial imagery, street level view, markers with popups, and other common features.

Safer Updates

Businesses require safe and secure maps, which is why we created a unique update system that only commits stable changes on a daily basis.

More Accessible

Wheelchair and stroller access is easily identifiable by blue icons, along with accessibility information for all points and paths.

Greater Compatibility

Six percent of users is not an acceptable loss for businesses. That's why Slpy JS has automatic fail-over for older browsers.
6% of Users...

More Than Analytics

We're giving unparalleled control to our customers with custom IP-address rate limiting and per-key domain rules. Thanks to our exceptional Analytics software, you can view full breakdowns and history of exactly what you're using and where.

  The Everything API

Simple Pricing Plans

Get full access to all our features for one extremely low price.

Basic Plan

per Month
  • 50,000 Credits Limit*
  • Commercial Use
  • Vector Maps
  • Search API

Pro Plan

per Month*
  • 300,000 Credits Included
  • Commercial Use
  • Vector, Raster, and Static Maps
  • Search API
  • Everything API

Join for free and then activate the PRO plan when you're ready.

Features Basic PRO
Credits Included / Month 50,000 300,000
Add 20,000 Credits USD $1
Vector Maps
Raster Maps (Legacy)
Static Maps
Search & Geocoding 60/min
Everything API
Commercial Use
Detailed Analytics
Custom Rate Limiting
Unlimited Users
Global CDN Support
HA Clustered Servers
Slpy Maps Software
Customizable Styles
Vector Tile 1
Raster Tile 5
Static Map 10
Search API 3
Everything API Varies
Map Software Free