Everything you need to know to start using the Slpy API


Our Analytics tracks credits used for every request and displays helpful information for managing your keys.

Account Level

You can view total credits for your account by clicking the Analytics underneath your character avatar on the account home page.

Per Key

Click the icon next to your key to view individual analytics. Analytics are maintained through editing, and can be seen on the account wide Analytics page after deletion.

Rate Limits

A rate limit is a control mechanism that sets a maximum frequency of requests a user can make to your API key within a specified period of time. It helps prevent abuse or unexpected costs by limiting the number of requests an individual user can send.

Offender IPs

If you have set a 5 minute or 1 hour Ratelimit for your API Key, then you can see the individual offender IPs in your Per Key Analytics. Total account ratelimit hits can be seen from your Account Analytics.

Service Limits

If you see a 1 Minute ratelimit in your Per Key analytics with a service listed instead of an IP, then you've reached that service's ratelimit for your current plan. Upgrading to the PRO Plan will increase this limit, or Enterprise users can contact support for increased limits.

Credit Costs

Different types of requests require different amounts of credits. You can see updated credit costs on the Pricing Page

Notes Description
Interactive Maps Dynamic raster and vector maps are split up into Tiles. How many tiles are loaded is based on the size and resolution of the map, and more tiles are loaded as the map is zoomed or moved.
Autocomplete Each request is counted as a single Search API request, so take note of the amount of requests sent when acting on each stroke.