Everything you need to know to start using the Slpy API

Map Settings and Features

Configure your map the way you want it, and add features and functions.

Settings & Customization

  • Basic Variable settings
  • Language Support
  • Filtering Features
  • MapLibre Options and 3d Style

Markers & Popups

  • Add markers to your points
  • Include popups on your page for more info.
  • Highlight points on your map.
  • Helper functions

Map Design

  • Customize your maps look
  • Night Mode, Greyscale.
  • Get the Slpy Style source code.

Satellite & Aerial Imagery

  • Aerial and Satellite Overlay
  • Coverage details
  • How to Implement

Street Level Imagery

  • View ground level images
  • Mapillary Integration
  • Styling and navigation

Add Data & Content

  • Data overlays
  • County Line Map Examples
  • TopoJSON, GeoJSON, XML

Browser Compatibility

  • Polyfills
  • Raster fallback for IE
  • OpenLayers fallback

Search & Geocoding

  • Add a search bar to your map.
  • Translate addresses to coordinates
  • Search for points of interest.