Everything you need to know to start using the Slpy API

Interactive Maps Guide

Our API is compatible across many popular programs and is easy to integrate into custom projects. For most users, the three most common libraries listed below will allow you to cover almost any use case.

Vector vs Raster Maps

Vector - modern, customizable, and lightweight
Raster (Pro Subscription required) - legacy option for older programs and support

Maps with the ability to pan and zoom are made up of a grid of map tiles. Each tile is it's own image, and just like with regular images you can use pixels to create raster png images, or you can use data about the image to create an SVG. Vector tiles are a newer technology for maps, and bring with them the ability to have infinite resolution, dynamic content, and modern features at a smaller file size. Raster tiles are considered a legacy option for programs that don't yet support Vector tiles. Older browsers past IE 10, are not capable of rendering Vector tiles, which is why our slpy.polyfilled.js library allows failover to Raster. A Pro subscription and higher number of credits are required to use Raster tiles because of the larger file sizes, increased server rendering overhead, and phased out nature of Raster tiles.

Slpy JS

We offer an optional library that takes care of setting up MapLibre or OpenLayers. It makes integrating different features and functions easy. It is highly recommended for anyone new to configuring interactive maps.

  • Always up to date
  • Quicker setup and reduced code.
  • Simple to use marker support.
  • Pre built functions for Aerial Imagery and Street level view.
  • Easy drop into existing code.
  • Auto failover and better browser support.
  • Allows filtering of unneeded layers.

Supported Mapping Programs

Compare the popular mapping programs below for what works best for you.

MapLibre (Recommended)
Web - JS Javascript, React, Angular, and more. Javascript, and unofficial plugins. Javascript, Vue.js, Django, and more.
App SDK Android & Apple iOS
Vector Tiles plugin
Raster Tiles
Slpy maps.js
3D Maps limited

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