how can integrate or use your api in my taxi apps and website?

  • Dear sir please guide me how can i use or integrate your gven api with my website or taxi booking mobile apps? even i already integrated with google map api.

  • Hi Mushwari,

    Unfortunately, Google Maps does not allow the integration of third-party API services within their platform. However, you can easily transition to an open-source mapping solution, as the code is often similar and straightforward to adapt. We recommend MapLibre GL, which is compatible with Web, Android, and iOS applications.

    To begin, you might find our Advanced MapLibre Map tutorial helpful for web projects, or consider using the Vector Maps for Apps tutorials if your focus is on Android and iOS.

    Once you've successfully loaded and implemented the basic map, explore MapLibre's website for additional examples and comprehensive documentation to assist in converting the rest of your code. Although it may require some effort, completing the transition will grant you greater flexibility to experiment with our services and numerous other alternatives.

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